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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present a very real and unique opportunity to celebrate television, and the art of seeing.


We are excited to share our plans for a one-night exhibition of art and television through the eyes of award-winning cinematographer Mahlon Todd Williams.


Williams is a cinematographer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and lenses the dynamic visual style of the time-traveling epic.  He produces visually stunning masterpieces week after week. Williams’ work on the show is excitingly unpredictable as the script on Legends takes the action to endless locations and time periods. 

His abstract paintings owe a nod to masters like Jasper Johns, Salvador Dali, Gerhard Richter, and are inspired and influenced by Williams visual style as a cinematographer.  And are largely created afterhours, at his home studio, after 12-14 hour days of filming.

In exhibition the paintings are displayed alongside the TV images and the similarities are mysteriously aligned. 

One creative medium usually lends itself to another, which is why Williams spilled his leftover energy onto a blank canvas. 

The exhibition welcomes the viewer to peek inside Williams’ inner life. It is a curated window into the inner life of the painter, to be sure, but still direct and occasionally, quite powerful.

When you grow up dreaming of being a visual artist, of working in the entertainment business, it’s hard to know what you will become renowned for. 


For many in the entertainment business talent lies in many areas – their more successful achievements have landed them fame.  But did you know that these people were also painters?  Jim Carrey, Sylvester Stallone, Lucy Liu, Tony Bennett and many more.  Todd carries on the tradition of other artists in the entertainment industry.


Todd takes the collaborative energy of the set, creating with a team, through his senses and turns these impressions into abstract art that is shared with others.  He’s a visual thinker, who discovered the joy of painting as a means to express himself without collaboration, to perceive his on-set environments created for TV in a new way.  He sees his scenes in a way that’s similar to how the world really is – colors, lines and shapes.  People don’t see like a camera… we anticipate what we are going to see…

Instead Todd sees scenes as a collection of lines, shadows, shapes, contours and colors.  He has a special way of seeing, translating into eye scan patterns that are markedly different from what we as TV viewers see. 


Todd spends his day honing three-dimensional images in TV and his evenings rendering those impressions in two-dimensional abstract paintings.


These paintings jar us out of our well-worn habits of seeing.

Why should you participate?




We are proposing an evening of intimate in-studio conversation within the entertainment community illuminating this special exhibition with fresh and alternative perspectives.


A conversation that allows attendees to begin to think differently – observing the world around us to share ideas and visions with others. 


In an industry of highly creative people, who really do see the world differently, that openness to new experiences drives creativity.


This exhibition merges the commercial world of television with the realm of fine art. 


Supporting art is good for business.  A vibrant exhibition of art enhances and builds community, differentiates your brand. 

Arts are an equalizer. Every culture has art, television, film and entertainment is art.  It may look and sound different, part of being human is to recognize the arts.  It allows the community to learn something about how similar we all really are through the arts. 

Arts are fundamental to our humanity – inspires us, fostering creativity, beauty, innovation.  Expresses our values, builds bridges and brings us together.

Arts spark creativity and innovation.  RED is an innovator, renowned for imaginative ideas, with new and exciting ways of image-making.   [INSERT TEXT ABOUT RED]

Sponsoring art created by a cinematographer lets clients, vendors and suppliers, know that as a corporation, you support creativity.  It enhances corporate image, builds positive connections, attitudes, and values in the mind of your target clients by linking the business with innovative and creative thinking.  And this exhibition supports a client – a user of your product. 

It's an opportunity to entertain – wholesalers, retailers, key individuals, key customers, clients, suppliers (current and potential). Guests at this event could include shareholders, staff, and opinion formers. 

Art events can provide a perfect opportunity to meet in a relaxed, enjoyable, and stimulating environment and support corporate hospitality.



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